The Kitty Place™ Dog Toys Gift Set

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Product Description :

Unleash The Kitty Place™ Dog Toys Gift Set– a bewitching assortment of toys that will treat your furry friend to hours of ghoulishly delightful play. This carefully curated set is designed to infuse festive fun into your dog's world, making this Halloween a howling good time for your beloved canine companion.

Frightfully Fun Variety: Our Halloween Dog Toys Gift Set features a variety of toys that cater to your dog's play preferences. From squeaky delights to plush favorites, each toy is adorned with Halloween-themed elements, transforming playtime into a festive adventure for your pet.

Squeaks and Surprises: Engage your dog's senses with the playful squeaks and surprises hidden within each toy. The assortment of textures and sounds adds an extra layer of excitement, ensuring that every play session becomes a thrilling Halloween experience for your furry friend.

Chewable Delights for Dental Health: The set includes chewable toys that not only satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew but also contribute to their dental health. Chewing helps promote strong gums and teeth, making this gift set a playful and health-conscious choice for your canine companion.

Safe and Durable Materials: Crafted with your dog's safety in mind, each toy in the Halloween Dog Toys Gift Set is made from high-quality and pet-friendly materials. The durable construction ensures long-lasting play, making these toys a reliable choice for dogs of all sizes.

Festive Bonding Moments: Share in the Halloween spirit with your furry friend as you bond over playful moments with these themed toys. The interactive nature of the toys makes them perfect for creating lasting memories and strengthening the connection between you and your dog during the festive season.

Ideal Gift for Your Pup or a Furry Friend: Treat your dog or surprise a fellow pet parent with the Halloween Dog Toys Gift Set. Packed with festive joy and entertaining play, it makes for an ideal gift that spreads Halloween cheer to the four-legged friends in your life.

Limited Edition Fun: Embrace the magic of the season with our limited edition Halloween Dog Toys Gift Set. These Spooktacular toys are a must-have for any dog parent looking to add a touch of Halloween enchantment to their pet's playtime repertoire.

Transform this Halloween into a memorable and playful celebration for your dog with our Halloween Dog Toys Gift Set. Order now and witness the joy as your furry friend immerses themselves in the spirited fun of these bewitching toys.

Main Material:
Plush, PP cotton, Catnip, Crystal velvet
Product Sizes:
Ghost: 14*12 cm / 5.5*4.7 in
Wizard:12*9 cm / 4.7*3.5 in
Skeleton: 16*5 cm / 6.3*2 in
Pumpkin: 12*11 cm / 4.7*4.3 in
Hat: 23*23 cm / 9.1*9.1 in
Black Cat: 8*13 cm / 3.1*5.1 in
Pumpkin: 8*8 cm / 3.1*3.1 in
Eye: 7*7 cm / 2.8*2.8 in

Order The Kitty Place™ Dog Toys Gift Set today and treat your canine companion to the best in comfort, style, and functionality!

KIND: Hat Toy Set